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Hello, lovely people!

My name is Charlotte and I am the owner and creator of LoveMarriageKids.  I started this blog as a place to talk about all things love, marriage and kids.  But it is not my only blog.  I also write about personal finance, travel, frugal living, EXTREME frugal living, bisexuality and zero waste life.


Who am I?

This is me, looking rather sweaty mid-run.  The question about who I am is a big one, but I will try my best to get to the root of what makes me ME!


I grew in up in the Medway Towns in Kent, before moving to Norwich to study maths at UEA.  After I graduated, I trained to be a teacher and spent 10 years doing that.


During my time at UEA, I met my lovely husband Dan.  After a couple of years together, we moved in, he proposed, I said yes and then we got married.  He’s a good bloke and I love him lots.


When I’m not writing, I am about and about exploring the world any way I can.  Whether it is taking the kids into the woods, jumping on my bike, heading out for a run or going for a swim in the ocean.  If I’m outside then I’m happy!


Why “LoveMarriageKids”?

Life can feel busy sometimes.  With a home to run and business to grow, but at the heart of who I am there is love, marriage and kids.  This blog is my way of creating space for that in my life.



Let’s get in contact

I’d love to hear from you about your parenting experiences, married life highs and lows and the circus that is raising kids.  Basically, I just like to chat.  So make sure you check out the “Contact Me” page or head over to my social channels.