Exciting ways to celebrate your anniversary

Exciting ways to celebrate your anniversary

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Anniversaries are a big deal.  They roll around every year and they are a time to reflect on your relationship and the commitments you have made.


When life gets busy with work and children, it can be easy to forget the two people that came together to create that household.  Celebrating your anniversary is a great way to remember it.


But it doesn’t have to be all meals, flowers and candles.  By all means, do that if it is what you want.  But there are plenty of more exciting ways that you can spend your time together.

Take a trip

You don’t have to go abroad, but you can if you want.  You could just take a day trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.


You could even do a mini-break to somewhere in the UK.  An overnight stay in big cities or rural retreat for some rest and relaxation.


Even if you take the kids with you, it is still a great way to acknowledge your anniversary and create some new memories.


Go skydiving

Or do something else that totally puts you out of your comfort zone, if jumping out of a plane is too much for you.


Putting yourselves in a position where you feel nervous and vulnerable is a great chance to be supportive and remind yourselves of why you chose this person to spend your life with.


On top of that, you are going to have to fantastic photos to add to the family album as a result.  It will make your anniversary a bit more memorable.

Learn a new skill

Maybe you’ve both want to learn Spanish or to ride a motorbike.  Well, why don’t you use your anniversary as a good excuse to do just that?


Learning with your partner is great too.  You’ll have someone to discuss the course with at the end and a familiar face to take the edge off the nerves when you are there.


You could even learn something exciting like surfboarding or open water swimming lessons.  Make it something you both want to do and you’ll both take something away from the experience.


Sign up for a race

Couples that train together, stay together.  Or at least I think that is the saying.  But this one is a commitment that goes beyond just one day.


It doesn’t really matter whether it is running, cycling or cross-country skiing, you’ll have several weeks, if not, months of encouragement from one another rather than just one exciting day.


Get cooking lessons

And if your day really must involve food then why not learn to cook a whole new cuisine.  You’ll be eating like kings for the rest of the year as a result.


Lots of restaurants offer cooking lessons, so you could learn together before heading home and cooking yourself that beautiful romantic candlelit dinner you’ve secretly been after.


What do you do to celebrate your anniversary?

Do you have any exciting anniversary stories to tell?  Let me know by sharing yours in the comments below.

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