How to do a wedding on a budget

How to do a wedding on a budget

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Getting married is awesome and your wedding day is a big part of that.  You want it to be perfect but you don’t want to spend all your money.


You can get married on practically any budget.  What you need is a bit of creativity and some hard work.


My husband and I set a budget of £7,000 when we got married and actually it cost us less than that thanks to some kind donations.  We could have done it for less though.  Here are my top tips:

Know what your budget is

You have to have a clear idea of what you want to spend before you start.  Be realistic about this and don’t make plans based on money you might get.


Once you know what you want to spend, break it down into to categories so that you know how much you have got to spend on different things.   This makes it easier to track whether you are still in budget.


DIY and craft

If you want a budget wedding, then be prepared for a lot of DIY and crafting.  Pinterest is full of great ideas to get you inspired.


Some of the best weddings I have been to are the ones where the married couple put so much of themselves into every part.  You really see the difference.


You don’t have to DIY all of it, but use your strengths.  If you can bake, then make your own cake.  If you can draw, then make your own invites.


Enlist friends and family to help

It is always worth asking around to see if you know anyone that can help you.  When you think about it, you might realise that you have some seriously talented contacts.


Don’t always expect them to work for free though.  They might give you a big discount and that’s good enough.  But don’t assume anything.


You close friends and family probably won’t mind you ask them for some help with making invites or table decorations though.

Keep it small

It makes sense but the bigger the wedding, the more it is going to cost.  The ceremony and the food is where it will cost you so try to keep these parts small.


You can always limit the expensive parts to a close group of friends and family and then opt for a bigger evening event.  This probably won’t cost as much and you’ll still get to celebrate with the people you care about.


Think secondhand

Basically every item that is designed for weddings gets used once.  You can buck that trend and buy your wedding items secondhand.


You’ll be able to get the same beautiful products but at a fraction of the price that they sells for new.  Plus, why not take advantage of this market and sell your stuff again when the big day is over.


What else could you do to save money on your wedding?

Sit down with your partner and come up with a range of ways that you could save money without compromising your big day.

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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