Best places to look for your soul mate

Best places to look for your soul mate

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The idea of looking for your soul mate can feel daunting.  You want to find the perfect person to share your life with.  But where are they?


You want to find someone that shares your core beliefs, with similar backgrounds that you have commonality.


Therefore, there are good places to look and bad places to look.  I’ve compiled a list of my favourites for you here.

At work

You spend a lot of time with these people.  Up to 40 hours a week potentially, so chances are that you will get to know your colleagues well.


Sharing this experience will mean that you have something to talk about too.  There’s always a conversation starter when you are sharing an office together.


And there’s a chance that you will have travelled done a similar path to get that job.  Maybe you have a similar education history or have done other similar jobs in the past.


Through your friends

Friends of friends are a great place to look for soul mates.  You both like this mutual friend for some reason so chances are that you’ll like them for the same reasons too.


It is always worth asking your mates to see if they have any single friends that they can set you up with.  Chances are that they know you well enough to know if this person is a good match or not.


In education settings

Lots of lifelong relationships are started in college or university, and again it comes from having similar interests and past experiences.


Someone studying the same course as you will mean you’ll have lots to talk about.  Or even if they are studying a different course, you will have chosen to study there for a reason, and they might share those reasons with you.


In places that you love

If you are always hanging out at the library or at Metallica gigs, then take a look at the other people that are doing the same.


You might find that there are some people that you see there time and time again.  They are clearly your type of person because they love spending time in the places that you love.


Plus, it is easy to start a conversation in this situation as you just say that you’ve noticed them here before.  Easy way to start a relationship.



You might feel like this is a terrible idea but we used Google for everything else, why not use it to find your soul mate?


Dating sites have really niched down in recent years so you can find someone that matches your ambitions for life.  All you need to do is a bit of research.


Naturally, stay safe, but have some fun too.  If you have to go on a few online dates before you figure out what you want then so be it.


Think about the things you love

If you enjoy doing something, then chances are other people do too.  Find places where these people and you like to go and then spend some time there.  Your soul mate is waiting for you!

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.


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